Feedback & endorsements

What people say about Duncan Law and MindMonkey Associates:


Most are very appreciative:

“From the very beginning it was you that set the tone of constructive system challenge, always grounded in the needs of the people we serve.   Your leadership has been exemplary, reflective and empathetic” – Senior Lead in NHS England

“Brilliant! Will be looking for more workshops” – School Teacher

“The goal setting made me re-think our views on GBO and how it could be used within CAMHS LD. Really useful – wish we had the training 3 years ago when the tender was introduced” – Learning Disability service manager

“Thank you for the excellent goal based outcomes workshop that you gave us last week. I have received a lot of positive comments from those who have attended” – CAMHS Clinical Lead

“Superb delivery, really interesting and right balance of talking and listening” – School SENCO

“I thought it was very clever to ask us to come up with an alternative system as it’s often easy to criticise from afar.  Thanks for an interactive and thought-provoking session” – Clinical Psychology Doctorate Trainee

“The training module was new for me and it was invaluable to learn tips and skills of how to communicate with young people around safeguarding issues” – GP

“I really enjoyed the session and thought it was one of the best safeguarding sessions I had been on, so thank you. What a fabulous resource to have.’ – GP

“We’ve already fed back to staff and made changes to our safeguarding templates as a result of your training. I will certainly recommend to colleagues.”  Consultant in Sexual Health and HIV Medicine

Some are very pleasantly surprised:

“I dreaded the topic before coming in in the morning but I was taken by complete surprise, which I enjoyed.  Thank you for this engaging and inspiring session, I really enjoyed the discussions and it gave me a lot to think about!” – Clinical Psychology Doctorate Trainee

“I don’t like training, but i liked this!!” – Information Advice and Support Service Worker

But you can’t win ’em all:

“I learnt absolutely nothing!” – School Teacher

Independent evaluation of our work:

“Results indicate the training is associated with increased knowledge around signs and risk factors for CSE and abuse, and increased confidence in how to respond when concerned about a child or young person’s wellbeing, safety and relationships” – Independent evaluation of ‘Me First: CSE Workshops’ co-designed and co-delivered with Kate Martin and Common Room

“After training, supervisors had more positive attitudes to administering PROMs and using feedback from PROMs and had higher levels of self-efficacy about using PROMs in supervision”.  – Evaluation of the UPROMISE training Co-designed with colleagues from CORC and Common Room – co-delivered with Kate Martin and Common Room

Reviews of Cooper and Law (2018) working with goals in psychotherapy and counselling OUP

“This is the first and will for very many years be the best and most thoughtful volume presenting the goal oriented approach to psychotherapeutic counselling. It is a masterly compilation of excellent contributions to a subject which is arguably a key to the future success counselling. It is the product of the collaboration of two world leaders in this area and the outcome is a rich and rewarding practical guide to combining negotiated objectives with effective evidence based counselling methods. A superb cutting edge volume which should be on the shelf of every practicing counsellor.”   – Professor Peter Fonagy, Head of the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, Director, Anna Freud National Centre for Children & Families, National Clinical Advisor on Children’s Mental Health, NHS England

Working with Goals in Psychotherapy and Counselling is a philosophically grounded, research informed, practical text that will make you think differently about the use (and importance) of goals in therapeutic work. No matter what therapeutic approach you are trained in, there is something in this book for you. ” – Dr Terry Hanley, Programme Director of the Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, University of Manchester, UK

“In this excellent book the contributors highlight how goals can be used in therapeutic practice and from a range of different therapeutic orientations too. The co-editors, Mick Cooper and Duncan Law are to be congratulated for bringing together a theoretical and practical tour de force covering the critical aspects of working with goals in therapy. ” – Stephen Palmer, Adjunct Professor, Department of Communication and Psychology, Aalborg University, Denmark