MindMonkey Associates

Founded by Prof. Duncan Law, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, to improve lives through the application of evidence-based psychological theory and practice

MindMonkey Associates is about:

  • Collaboration – working with communities, individuals, families and organisations to improve mental health and emotional well-being
  • Clinical Advice – around systems of care delivery and commissioning
  • Consultation – working across Health, Education and Social Care, Commissioners, and service providers across the NHS, Local Authority and Voluntary sectors
  • Coaching and mentoring – for leadership and change management
  • Intervention – direct work with individuals, families, and organisations  – applying psychological theory to improve lives
  • Workforce development – offering training and development to those who work with others with mental health issues
  • Expertise & experience – Working with a range of expertise across the field of mental health and well-being bringing together the appropriate expertise and experience for the task
  • Quality – regularly reviewing all the work we do to ensure it is being helpful and effective and ensuring quality

Twitter: @drduncanlaw